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The 500 Hidden Secrets of Berlin
Luster Publishers



Your Body, my Poem


erotic poetry + photos. 



Well organized and insightful, this guide book moves away from traditional guidebooks to give you the keys to Berlin's heart. Strong organization lets you identify things to do to fit your mood, and well designed maps help you to find things to do near where you are. Nathalie's passion towards Berlin is evident, and I highly recommend this book if you have plans to visit.

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Berlijnse schatten
Deze vijf adressen vonden we in de compacte gids The 500 Hidden Secrets of Berlin. Nathalie Dewalhens verzamelde daarin niet alleen de beste eet- en drinkadressen, maar ook andere places to be, van vlooienmarkt tot fietstocht – alles in hapklare brokken van vijf stuks per categorie. Stop ’m in je tas en vertrek!!-5x-de-tofste-bars-en-restaurants-van-Berlijn

Elle Belgium


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Nathalie Dewalhens was born in Belgium in the swinging sixties but left her tiny country in 2003 when she decided to quit the rat race and thus her job in the music industry. She first lived on an island in the Mediterranean before starting to meditate in the shadow of the Cévennes mountains.  Since 2012 she lives and works in Berlin (Germany) and sometimes in her little house on the prairie near Granada (Andalucia, Spain). She runs the Sensual Salons and Sensual Readings online, together with the Sex School for Grown Ups. She's also a member of the all female theatre group Twelfth Hour Theatre.


Nathalie has many passions:

Berlin, a scientific and ethical view on the relationship between human - and other animals, travelling, modern spirituality and tantra, conscious sex, different ways of perception, literature and language(s), contemporary art, animal art, veganism, phenomenalist philosophy, just to name a few.

10 reasons you should hire her

* when you're in need of a voice-over for a mediaguide (Flemish/French)

* for event and artistic production   (Dutch/English/French)

* for (private) poetry readings 

* for dialogue (re)writing (Dutch)

* for Poetry Brothel events in corporate or other settings (check our Facebook page)

* to facilitate retreats around conscious sex, relationships, poetry and art, m/p/enopause,  sensuality, neo-tantra.

* if you need a performer online or irl (Dutch/English/French)

* if you want to order a hand written poem by her hand

* to facilite online-events on sensuality and neo-tantra

* if you need help with organising a workshop


Past and Current publications


* articles on film and eco-travelling different Belgian magazines (Feeling etc.)

* second price for an essay on writer and situationist Raoul Vaneigem in WEL

* short story 'Alicia' in SEPIA (1 illustrator/34 writers)

*500 Hidden Secrets of Berlin (Luster Publishers)

* Your Body, my Poem 


* Killing for love: theatre play (Dutch/English)

* Berlin Bar Stories: novel (English)

*Tante Didi (a memoir)

* Collection of erotic poetry (Dutch & English) -  part 2.


For any inquiries, please contact Nathalie at:

Tel: +49 (0)176 31797260 |





                                                       Photo Poetry Brothel Berlin: Philipp Bögle

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