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Current workshops/talks

Neo Tantric Talks on Thursdays


During the dark winter months, Nathalie will regularly host a group of curious souls to gather together safely around the fire of her house (exact address will be send out to the participants) to talk about things that warm their hearts. 

Every evening will have a theme and there will be guest lectures you really don't want to miss.

Our very first talk happened on the 3rd of November and was all about *sensuality* in the broad sense of the word. 

The second talk will be around vulnerability. What is it for you? How does it show? Does it show at all? Do you think it's a weakness or a strength? 


Max 9 participants so please reserve your place by being a ticket here:



Price 12 Euro/night: drinks and veggie tapas are included. 

Un abrazo,


About the evenings

Location: Lecrin Valley, Spain.

6 pm  Introductions
6:45. Talk by Nathalie or guest on the theme
7:00 Open discussion and possible authentic relating prompts
8:00 Closing circle 


Tantric Talks on Thursday are an opportunity to talk openly about intimate matters. The Talks are not therapy although they can be therapeutic .


Looking forward meeting you!

Themes of the talks

(always on the first Thursday of the month)

November:  Sensuality
December:  Vulnerability
January:     Authenticity
February:   Embodiment
March:        Spirituality
April:          Sexuality


OFFERINGS (English/Dutch/French)


Online coaching

* 1/1 online coaching sessions for men

"How to become a better lover": 3 sessions/1hour/ 3 weeks/300 EUR.

Transformational & funky workshops

- Transforming your inner critic into a funky, sexy ally. (3 hours or 1 day)

- Who are the DJ's in my head and is God a DJ? (2 hours)

- What are my shadows teaching me? 

- Initiation into embodiment (3 hours)

- Own your shit. Taking responsibility for one's life. (3 days, can be split up)

- Intimacy workshop: First date game, How to talk about big wounds between men/women/ X (1 day, can be split up in 2 parts)

- Let's talk about sex, baby (3 hours)

- Drama got talent (3 hours)

- Bad breakups go to court (1 day)

- Embrace your intimate triggers and put them on a pedestal (1 day)

Combinations are possible. PM me. 


Performing poetry

2023 dates

5th of January        (neo)Tantric Talk on Thursday “Authenticity”                                      Granada

6th of January        Poetry performance @TeaTimeHappening with Lala Ema (private)    Granada

8th of January        Poetry performance @TeaTimeHappening with Lala Ema                   Granada

16th of January      Sensual Salon with Alison Pilling                                                          Online

3rd of February      (neo)Tantric Talk on Thursday “Embodiment”                                     Granada

7th of February      Sensual Salon Live with Alison Pilling                                                  Manchester

9th of February.     Bazar Bizarre with The Fenwitch                                                          Manchester

2nd of March          (neo)Tantric Talk on Thursday “Spirituality”                                       Granada

13h of April             (neo)Tantric Talk on Thursday “Conscious Sexuality                           Granada

20th of April            Free Transformational Workshop                                                         Online

2-6 of May              Poet @Passion of Life Tantra festival in Turkey                                  Antalya

June tbd                  Free Transformational Workshop                                                         Online

3-8th of September Neo-tantra and the art of touch                                                             El Morche


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